Game Center Cx

I am not a good video games player. The amount of game that I manage to complete is really low because of my lack of skill and patient. Even though I myself not really a good gamer I still like gaming and wanted to know more about games. So with that reason watching playthrough, review and everything else from youtube satisfied my curiosity about gaming stuff. Naturally i will try and search for interesting videos to watch. That was the time where Gamecenter CX is available in youtube and it has been in my recommendation for quite awhile. The first episode Gamecenter CX that i watch is Game Center CX in USA special. This is something that i never taste before and i like it.

The best thing about Gamecenter CX is Arino Kacho, All of the it’s AD, Cameraman Abe, Kibe sensei and the producer which comes out regularly to tell time. This show becomes alive because of them. From the show i can see that all the staff member was having fun while doing stuff that they enjoy doing.

Each Gamecenter CX episode have it’s own charm from the main segment Arino’s Challenge, Tamage to those mini one season segment like moshi moshi daisakusen. I enjoy most of the segment in Gamecenter CX. There is one that i don’t really enjoy that would be Shogeki eizo Max. Inoko max AD/D just kinda dull compare to others. I still like Inoko Max tho. Just the segment not really suit my taste. The segment I enjoy the most would be TAMAGE. I would go as far as checking out some dagashiya when I was in Japan last autumn. It was a really good nostalgic trip that I don’t mind doing it again if I hve the chance to visit Japan again.

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