Visual Art eXpo

This event is born to satisfying organizer own self-indulgent.In short event organizer wanna syok sendiri. The top man in the organizing team was really fond with mecha anime. So naturally they had to invite those one of the top studio in making mecha anime. Studio Gainax and Studio Satelight was invited to come to Malaysia. VAX is certainly not create for fans. Main focus is not to servicing fans it is just the by product. Self satisfied come first. It’s so important I can’t help myself to repeat this again. Self satisfied comes all above any other thing.
K now that we get that part away I am going to talk my own experience about the event. Day 1 is really good for those attendee that really wanna get up close with their favorite person that they wanna meet. The restriction is lower so much more can be done day one. Day 2 on there other hand is much more restrictive. Since the amount of attendance increase a lot more compare to day 1 mainly because of cute kawaii deathly ladybeard. All the good things in day 1 gone. No this no that cannot this cannot that. As a person that go without a single friend i can only facepalm and just live on and move on. At least i get to call myself the unconditional supporter for being one of the first gold ticket purchaser getting no.1 in the gold ticket claiming list. Let’s just hope if this event get to be continue all this minor stuff will improve the next time.

For the good stuff. Meeting those content creator from japan up close is really good yo. Time to blame my awkward personality because of it i did not get the full enjoyment that i suppose to get. Overall it’s still a very good event. Meeting with Aimee B was my very first time get to shake hand with an artist taking picture have a short chat it was really something special. Truth to be told I did not do my homework well. The only song by Aimee B that i familiar with is the ending song for panty & stocking. Went there when the autograph session start and it was quite empty. Without thinking much pull out my wallet and purchase her album. No regret all because she is awesome. Then it’s arima sensei’s turn. This time there is some limited edition postcard for purchase. For Backon turn it’s kinda lacking mainly because lacking of Backon stuff to be purchase during the autograph session. We need to get an official VAX t-shirt only to be able to get in this time. End up letting them sign my gold pass.

Was prepare my self to ask question when it is Shoji Kawamori’s appearance. Too bad there is no QnA session during his appearance. So now I will never knew why Akino with bless4 no longer sing the opening theme for the latest Aquarion series Aquarion Logos. After the hour long presentation there comes the autograph session for Shoji Kawamori. At day 1 i already bought Aquarion Evol and AKB0048 T-shirt because according to the lovely lady at the booth one need to have RM100 purchase in order to qualified for the autograph session. After thought about it for one night the first thing i do day 2 is to buy one of the art book from the booth in order to get it sign as it is much more memorable doing that. The lovely lady at the booth told me that the autograph session for shoji kawamori has been postpone to the 5 pm. That cause a bit inconvenience for those that had to come early for this. Anyway since i will be there for the whole day just thanks for the information and back to walking around. During the autograph session i kinda expecting that the RM100 rule was no longer there. I was hanging out for quite sometime around satelight booth. One of the question i notice is are those merchandise cost too much for us. Based on that i come to conclusion that most probably any amount also will get the autograph chance.  When i reach the autograph location there is quite a lot people queuing up already. There goes the extra perk that i hope i will get. One should never aim for extra perk and be satisfied with whatever the top feed us or forever being unsatisfied.

Thanks to VAX i get the chance to taste Macross Frontier Sayonara no tsubasa. Which got my interest of following macross series the combination of song and mecha instant sold me. I had lots of fun watching it and now i am a fans of ranka lee & sheryl nome. That open ranka scene is quite nice when everyone chant open ranka the same time haha.

Meat of the event for me is the mini concert at the end of day 2. It’s nice to see Shaun Lopez get up the stage hosting the show. Ever since i started to be frequent goer for local event Shaun and Dante always seems to be the MC. Yeah so when i din see both of them at stage i felt that something is off. Too much them being together makes the other combination chemistry kinda off.

There is one interesting stuff that i don’t really see in other event and that is the interest panel. I went in a few of them and the most interesting panel is the panel that talks about event around the world. That panel is host by those guy from Helios E. It is quite interesting and i get to know more about events that i never heard before. Other than that there is also one that talk about fashion. That’s a topic that i never thought i will be interested in and that end up to be quite an interesting subject to itself. This panel thingy is relaxing little something that I kinda hope more will be available in the future.

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