Video Games Live 2016

When VGL announce back in 2015 I was really excited about it. Since i miss out the last VGL at Istana Budaya 2012. I am not going to miss out the event this time. First there is news about having problem with the location Stadium Putra at Bukit Jalil closed for renovation. Then days before the event happens it was delayed to february 2016. After the initial hype for the event. VGL just slip pass my mind until few days before the actual date.

Reached the venue at around 6pm so i got the chance to walk around the flea market before the concert start. The amount of goodies at the flea market is amazing. There is tons of retro and new games, console and even PC parts was available for a good deal. Other than flea market there is also some game booth for people to try out smash brothers, street fighter 5 and some food truck available to kill your hunger. That’s plenty things to do while waiting for the concert. Too bad the weather not really helping as there is a heavy rain around 7pm..


As someone that loves video game, listening to soundtrack from video game is one of my favourite passtime. Listening to live version of the song together with so many like minded people can be really mind blowing. It’s also much more closer to the concert which i enjoyed where people cheers while song from their favourite game was playing. Before VGL the last games related concert that i attended the whole tone is more serious and i end up feeling really tired in the middle of the concert.


The setlist of the concert for me is quite good but a little bit too much modern game for my liking. Was hoping for more retro game music. For the first part they begin with Castlevania, Megaman which is really my liking then in the middle there is some song for modern game such as silent hill, mass effect, then back to Mario theme, Earthworm Jim, Zelda then back to modern series with Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted after that there is a 20 minutes break time.  For the second part it’s fans selection, this is where they started to play song like Leagues of Legends, Skyrim, Assasins Creed,World of Warcraft, Command &Conquer Red Alert and my personal favorite Gyakuten Saiban series songs.

After that both Tommy Tallarico and Eimear Noone left the stage. The second part feels much shorter than the first part. Anyway after cheering for encore for awhile both of them come back with Final Fantasy 7 One Winged Angel… by that time i was a little bit sad because the song i wanted the most and the most played song wasn’t there yet and that is Chrono Trigger X Chrono Cross Medley. I have been waiting for Scar of Time since forever… How could they end without playing that song.. when it feels like all hope is gone. Here comes the last and final song Chrono Series medley fuxx yes time to jiss on my pants. Somehow this version doesn’t sound as good as the other version i heard before but still it’s a really good way to end the event.

That’s all for Video Games Live version 2016 Malaysia.. signing off until next time next event which i able to sneak in…

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