Thus young lady get a bitch body chapter 1

「 ehh? 」

Where is this place? A brief look around everywhere is white, white, and more white. Pure white space. This is weird. I’m pretty sure i am in my hospital room. I think.

「 Am i dead? 」

Suffocating and painful darn it i am so done. But my body is moving. Skinny and pale hand. Yeah, it’s my body. How come now i dun feel painful and can move normally

「 That’s right, you just pass away 」
「 Eh, who’s that? 」

A chibi with wings appear above my blur blur head. Could it be angel? That’s really CUTE! Wanna hug and mohamoha with him!!

「 People calls me angel. My work is to send soul to that place that call another world. 」
「 felt like Death-san desu ne 」
「 don’t categories me together with him 」

Aww. With a threatening voice and intimidating stare, angel now is really different from angel just now. Send soul to another world as work means that i will be send there now?

「 Erm… Please take good care of me until reaching another world. 」
「 That’s not possible. 」
「 Ehhh… 」

Was trying to be grateful and bow down my head, but in respond i get is a sigh and rejection. Why is that?

「 The ark that carrying soul has a passenger limit. The thing is that it seems that ark is over passenger limit. There seems to be an unexpected deceased on board and so you can’t be on board for now. 」
「 Eh… what should i do now? 」
「 You will need to be wait until the application of extending souls approved. But this space can’t lasting for that long and you will need to wait at earth. 」

Angel’s work is so businesslike eh. Waiting huh. Waiting back at earth, i guess i will be in this form. Eh that means i have the chance to see the world outside of hospital…
That means i get to loitering around the streets!? The fashion street that i only saw through books and tv screen. Lovely view. Mother nature that consist of sea and mountain. I am so wanna see it see it see it all.

「 I’m reallt glad to be waiting 」
「 Just that during this period i will not be able to protect you from evil spirits that will be aiming at you. 」
「 Ehh… 」

Ah… Evil spirit..?
It actually exist eh. Since that angel do exist evil spirit wasn’t that farfetch also. Didn’t manage to see them not even once all while i am hospitalised.

「 What will happen if i were to be catch by evil spirits? 」
「 You will become evil spirit yourself. 」
「 Ah….. 」

I don’t think that i will be able to run away with my current condition. But still, i still wanna see the lively streets. At the same time i definately don’t wanna become evil spirit what can i do?

「 … there is another way 」
「 Another way? 」

Angel giving a very bright smile while seeing me struggling so much. Halo is so bright and Awww so CUTE…
「 Didn’t I tell you there is an unexpected deceased? You see she’s a girl and also same age as you and she die at the same time as you. The cause of dead is suicide.
Suicide!? That’s such a waste.
「 That’s the point i wanted to talk to you. Do you want that girl’s body? 」
「 Ehh 」
「 Nationality, sex, age, time of dead. Everything match and your soul could be transferred to her body. That means you can continue walking her life. 」

Continue living as that person. Tempting… but but… kinda anticipated for that… but but…

「 Are you listening? 」
「 What? 」
「 That person she can walk? 」
「 Erm… yeah sure 」
「 Don’t tell me that she might be possible to run also? 」
「 Erm… running eh? Why not she is a healthy person. 」

Healthy! what an excellent answer!
That’s what i always wanted, to be able to run up the stairs. Aaaa, and perhaps i can start using cleaning cloth. Dashing around with cleaning cloth around the long corridor… am so gonna doing that. am so gonna doing that. am so gonna doing that.
「 Please let me have it 」
「 But first there is something i need to tell you. This girl is avoided by the people around her. Not only in the school her classmate, teacher and also at home negleted by her family, as the matter of fact she got no friends. So do you still wanted to live on as her? 」
「 Yes of course you betcha. Even if i’m a murderer need to spend the rest of my life in jail, even if i need to live in an uninhabited island, as long as i have a healty body i am satisfied. 」
「 Erm… I see… 」
That’s right. With a body that i always dream of and can’t get. I don’t even care if everyone around me hate me. As a healthy human i can handle everything.
Eh.. I can felt sympathy through angel’s eye. Why is that?

「 Let me warn you first. When you meet with the person you know in your past life you are a stranger to them now. No matter what happens do not tell them who you really are or else you will be going to hell. 」

Argh…Angel is really serious about that. Even though its really sad guess i gotta endure my feeling to meet my birth parent. As long as i’m not going back to the university hospital there is zero chance i will meet my doctor i guess.

「 I understand. I will sealed my past away. 」
「 Alright then, closed your eyes please. I will proceed to send your soul into her body. 」
「 Yes, angel. Thank you very much for making my dream comes true. 」
「 Mmm kay 」

Angel put his hand on my forhead and a warm feeling cover my whole body.

It’s always been my wish. To be able to have a strong body, to be able to stay healthy. Therefore,

「 Thank you angel.」

Guide by a strong bright light, once again i lost my conscious. This time its no longer scary, knowing that when i wake up i will have a healthy body.

「 Now that i settle this issue i can skip all my paperwork, cut me some mumbling from boss. Might even get appraisal for saving a poor soul. Thanks a lot, innocent kid. The attitude of the previous owner is shit beyond saving. You future gonna be tough since every good deal has a catch. All the best. 」

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