VAX 2016

Year 2 for Visual Arts Expo. This year the location change from the mines miecc to starxpo kenanga wholesale mall. The new location is much more convenient to me. Simply take a public transport and the location of the event can be reach within walking distance.

This year the event is bigger in a certain way at the same time smaller in other ways. Big in a sense that the event actually has more coverage that i can see from local media. The small i mean here also is a good thing it makes everyone in the event closer to each other this time as many things are now much more concentrated and the compound is much more restricted in a way. Needless to say this year VAX is still a very high quality event considering for it still being a very new event compare to other long running events in malaysia. Well we should have expect much more for the event since they are actually organize by the people that actually been doing event since forever. If anyone can host a great event they are those people that can/is/will host the best of the best in malaysia.

For big studio from japan that attend this year there is Visual Arts/Key and Gainax Fukushima in the party. Les’ Copaque and other malaysia studio makes a return featuring booth that has lots of goodies. Both Visual Arts/Key and Gainax have their own panel in the main stage. It’s my first time seeing a guest that was really care about his/her appearance and would require the audience not to take picture and hidden backstage thingy. Heard it before yeah but seeing the real thing first time. I manage to win janken with Gainax Fukushima’s president and get a little gift from the president

I become a happy man when i saw Mika Kobayashi is going to be a guest for this year’s VAX. After seeing her appearance in PAM2015 din’t really expect to see her yet again. Her live performance is amazing. This time we not only get Mika Kobayashi we also got Tetsuro Shimaguchi perform along side with Mika Kobayashi. Mika Kobayashi and Tetsuro Shimaguchi’s panel at Saturday was great. Seeing Mika Kobayashi outside of performance time while she can be relaxingly answering question and i am a happy fan. Not to forget the short lesson by Tetsuro Shimaguchi to  Listening to Apryl Peredo’s panel is really insightful for now is really a rare chance for a people not in the industry to actually has a chance to learn something about jpop/jrock/jeverything culture a little bit more.

Last year the special interest panel i enjoy the most in VAX become that panel that i skip all of them. All of the special interest panel that i really look forward to was clash with one thing and another end up i miss all of them. Another thing i really miss that did not happen this year would be the movie screening time. When i saw the projector being wide screen and much higher definition than last time my first thought would be how nice if they are going to show macross frontier sayonara no tsubasa once again. That din happen the best we got is Masamune Date-nicle first episode a web series that is produce by studio GAINAX Fukushima co produce by Fukushima Prefecture Date city. When seeing Mr. Shoji Kawamori appear in the support video that become something i miss too. It will be definately much more awesome if he can be here will Macross Delta still on air with all the giri giri ai.

I end my event report with my suggestion for mascot chara name for Valkyrie my suggestion “Shock Cindy” syok sendiri ~~

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