Custom firmware for router

I always want to have the best tech with as money as possible. Being cheapskate will end you up in dissatisfaction most of the time which hard to complain since you are the one that choose to be in this position in the beginning. Story about my journey on using 3rd party firmware on my router isn’t smooth sailing all the way.

My first router TPLINK TL WR1043ND does not support the local internet service provider natively. Yet i still decided to get this router
– the cheap price and pack a lot of goodness with that price.
– default router that comes together with my internet package is sucks.
– It hangs whenever it feels like it and even if i restart the router it can stuck during boot up.
– the WiFi coverage is low on default router.

I know well that after getting this router i will need break its warranty just to make it work for my internet. Before getting myself into this changing router firmware thingy i have no idea at all will this improve my internet experience i can only trust the online review which in the end really helps me a lot.

Right now i been using custom firmware for some years. Custom firmware unlock your cheapo router to more function as well as improving router performance at the same time. The steps needed to install 3rd party router firmware is easy. It is so easy that one might actually look down on following proper steps when doing the steps. Any mistake during the process will have the chance of breaking your router. Once your router is break then the process of bringing back dead router to life is hard and close to none if you do not have the skill if you do have the skills you probably would not reading this you knowledge on this would probably higher than me. I break my router more than once and actually never been able to fix it once and have to resort to buying another replacement.

Fantasy Life(ファンタジーライフ)

Have you ever think of living a fantastical world where you can enjoy the challenge of being what you wanna be and having adventure all the time? Well fantasy life offers all of it.

Development Info

Fantasy life is developed by Level5 together with Nintendo’s first party developer Brownie Brown(now known as 1-UP Studio, Inc.). Level5 is famous for Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven series. 1-UP Studio, Inc. is the developer for mother 3.

Development History

The development period for Fantasy life is really long. LEVEL5 VISION 2009 is where the game first announced and it was meant to be released for NDS. One year after that in LEVEL5 VISION 2010 it was been push to be released at Nintendo 3DS to utilized the 3D function.In the early development we can see that the game look closely resemble to mother with its 2D graphics and people has been really excited about it.

In 2010 we get this awesome trailer this is truly one masterpiece in production the game has been upgrade to have 3D modeling. At this time it was announced to be released at 2011

and continue we have been waiting in 2011 we get a update trailer and we get the news that it will be released at 2012

It takes a very long time and finally in December 27 2012 it was finally been released.

The playable character in game has been chopped from the original 20 playable job to 12 playable job.

Game play

The 12 playable character is

Army,Magician,Hunter,Mercenary,wood cutter,minor,fisherman,carpenter,sewer,blacksmith,cook,alchemist.

Each of the job has their own specialties and you will rely on those skill to survived. Player can mixed and match between job and get the most advantage for each job.

A minor complain about the game… Well each job is suppose to be different but in the end most of the living skill job just end up as the same button masher.


Composer for the soundtrack is Nubuo Uematsu. It fits the game well and it is one of the reason i enjoy the game and sink in over 100 hours of gameplay.

Future announcement

Level5 has announced that Fantasy life has becoming a series. We can be sure that there will be lots of game in future. There is also a second announcement that a large update will be coming in future WIFI play will be one unlock with that update not release date as yet.

Screen Shot
End of first part. This is written before fantasy life link expansion. Second part is written in september 2017

Fantasy life Link
All country except japan gets this version of the game. This is the first large expansion to the game. Mint fantasy life player would need to pay of the expansion iinm the expansion cost 2000 yen to purchase. Mint fantasy life would still get an update to add on some feature but you will miss out the whole new storyline included in the expansion. There is also a stand alone version for the game selling at full price. Which is still cheaper than getting fantasy life and buy the expansion. Fantasy life link feature a few in game balancing and more end game content has been added in. At the same time also add in paid dlc this is only true for Japanese release as far as i know.

Fantasy life 2/Fantasy life online
This is the sequel to fantasy life. Which is a japanese exclusive that has been going through developement hell and suppose to be launch in 2017 is being delayed indefinately. The game is no longer on nintendo platform instead will be available for android and ios device. Game title has been changed from Fantasy life 2 to Fantasy life online. All 12 playable job from the first game is back.
fantasy life online

Toshintoshi: Girls Gift

It’s been awhile since the last rpg that i play. There is a few rpg title that is available all this time but I did not end up with any of those game. But why Toshintoshi? The reason i getting Toshintoshi would be the first print gift and also I wanted to at least get one game per month. That’s what i plan in the beginning in reality i just can’t spend more money this hobby.

I never imagine myself to be playing more than half an hour. One of the reason is I really lack of focus and also not being able to fully understand japanese is another reason. At the same time for me i would really want to complete a game to 100% when i am playing it. Tricky stuff inside game would make me scratch my head and throw it a side. There is just too many strategy involving in the game.

Story wise the game is easy enough to understand. Player as the silent protagonist that need to win the tournament in order to married with the girl and inherit her family dojo. There is plenty of side quest to discover, each of the side quest unlock a new skill you can use. The end objective is to unlock sexy pictures of every girl available from the game.

Soundtrack is something that i rarely heard in classic game setting. There is not awkward feeling listen to the soundtrack.

Level grinding is not necessary. The game is simple enough that i think is possible to finish up with level 10. As long as you have good enough girl monster card nothing can stop you from ownage.

I end up really enjoy the story well still not enough to make me finish the game but i enjoy what i seen so far. Would pick it up again in future i hope.