Toshintoshi: Girls Gift

It’s been awhile since the last rpg that i play. There is a few rpg title that is available all this time but I did not end up with any of those game. But why Toshintoshi? The reason i getting Toshintoshi would be the first print gift and also I wanted to at least get one game per month. That’s what i plan in the beginning in reality i just can’t spend more money this hobby.

I never imagine myself to be playing more than half an hour. One of the reason is I really lack of focus and also not being able to fully understand japanese is another reason. At the same time for me i would really want to complete a game to 100% when i am playing it. Tricky stuff inside game would make me scratch my head and throw it a side. There is just too many strategy involving in the game.

Story wise the game is easy enough to understand. Player as the silent protagonist that need to win the tournament in order to married with the girl and inherit her family dojo. There is plenty of side quest to discover, each of the side quest unlock a new skill you can use. The end objective is to unlock sexy pictures of every girl available from the game.

Soundtrack is something that i rarely heard in classic game setting. There is not awkward feeling listen to the soundtrack.

Level grinding is not necessary. The game is simple enough that i think is possible to finish up with level 10. As long as you have good enough girl monster card nothing can stop you from ownage.

I end up really enjoy the story well still not enough to make me finish the game but i enjoy what i seen so far. Would pick it up again in future i hope.

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