9 Jun 2018 (Asia Comic Con Day 2) I Love Anisong Bangkok

Decide to take this trip on an impulse. It’s my second trip out of my country for the purpose of attending ILoveAniSong concert. The first one happen in 2012. The main purpose of my trip was to see Kurosaki Maon. Was really happy to have a chance to see her performance again. Within affordable price that is. Overall this time i am satisfied with my trip. Its a bit sad that i would need to give up on attending PAM this year. I can only do one event and i have decided to travel further this year for my love ! By the way feel extreamly blessful for given the chance to contribute to the flower stand for kurosaki maon. Thank you APK.

Language is my biggest issue throughout the whole trip. I have no knowledge of thai language and everyone default their speaking to thai whenever they approach me. I would end up saying sorry and then whatever they are trying to say at a high chance will end abruptly well others do willing to switch to english and keep the conversation going. Others approaching me rarely happens to me when i attend event on my own country it only happen more often during early days of my event going life. I am passive person myself i rarely approaching other I keep the thinking of not disturbing others unless i absolutely need to could be i scared of rejection no do no rejection. I don’t think i did any approaching anyone in this event other than like ask permission for a picture to be taken. Generally i had been shown lots of yasashiness.

Even with language barrier i still able to enjoy my time inside the event hall. This event is by far the best i had for sometime. The performance stage have something happen almost every time i am there. From idol group to dj. I would spend time seeing the performance and then walk around and see another different performance. The figurine display are all really nice and full of detail. The hall is spacious i never feel crowded at anytime even though the crowd is huge.

Cant find myself enjoying as much during the ILoveAnisong time at first. The person left to me is chill type he just want to chill and enjoys the concert that makes me feel awkward with my body moment might disturb him. While the person right to me move in front i try to move to the right and middle of the concert pat on my back happen again and ask me to move away because i am blocking his view. Luckily there is ample of empty sits to the right and i hold no desire to stay with in the gang as i am really out of place. With me move to left side i got a better view myself and can move like crazy without caring much and that is where i find back the enjoyment of going concert when i no need to be considered. The show opens with a local girl which i have no idea who she is. She sings digimon adventure theme in thai. Up next Kurosaki Maon came on stage. I made it again and i am so proud of my self for being there at that moment. Suzuki Konomi is the next artist on stage. I is full of sad because she never sing redo. Okay she is cute and she did sing no game no life song. Finally RANKA LEEEEEEE!!!!! NAKAJIMA MEGUMI she is the other reason i make my impulse move going bangkok. When she come back from hiatus with netojuu opening I am really happy when i started to know macross frontier that time she is in middle of stopping all singing related work. Now that she is back in business I hope will get to see her more often within our region. The whole concert end with Seikan Hikou. Was kinda hoping to get Niji iro kuma kuma but that never happen.

To find legit anime goods in Thai is really easy. That is something that seriously need to happen in malaysia soon immediately now. Please learn from Dream Express do proper licensing. Damn sad to compare malaysia event with Asia Comic Con Bangkok where all of the malaysia event i went all plague with bootleg. It’s unacceptable to see even one shop that is not selling legit stuff. No money don’t buy no point buying fake stuff. I do not buy anime related stuff often i cannot afford to buy and i choose not to buy affordable fake stuff it is not worth it. Seeing light novels and manga in local language is a hope now that kadokawa has present in malaysia through kadokawa gempak stars.

Some thought about Asia Comic Con Bangkok and the other event that i enjoy attending. First off Visual Arts eXpo which i feel sincerity of making a event that mix local taste with Japan flavor. For ACC it is the mature form of that. Can’t make up my mind to decide weather it is matured or final form but it basically is local mix japanese culture fusion. For an outsider its really hard to geddit. For people that gedding it its really fun entertaining and wholesome. On one of the stage performance there is Owarai/Manzai. One of the gag feature tongue twisters totally in thai which i have no idea what it is. The crowd response well through out the performance well. That kind of acceptance is what i been seeking. Like minded people do stuff that entertain each others in a way there is progress among themselves. Visual Arts eXpo and it’s brother sister events has same stage. The event usually host with an experience emcee that can related to us event goers talk staff we care about and also taking care of new generation of emcee so the event can growth indefinitely. No holding hand like what Penang Anime Matsuri like does. PAM felt SOZO babysittering the stage events too much. With the emcee that is going out of sync with the audience. The first two year there is this male emcee which i found him send out lack of interest beam to audience and not bridging us event attendee and the person on stage and talked a lot about Singapore joke which i can’t see or even feel the audience entertain slightly and last year they switch to a female emcee which i respect her translating power which is on point and seriousness on getting her job done is one way a good direction. A different direction that is.
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