Idol Event

This is one of the blog post that i safe from the previous iteration of my blog probably gonna do another one and that’s all for now. The event is long pass never attend anything similar to this after this event. Miss it I am. but then our current politic situation in malaysia dun think this is even allowed

Was lucky to have a chance to attend my first Idol Event here in Malaysia at 05.12.2015. Not really into idol before this.

My knowledge about idol basically come from AKB0048 and Wake Up Girls anime both actually have their real life counterpart group. Through the anime i know more about idol chasing culture and a bunch of stuff that is out of my league not mentally but more on financially.

Now for some basic introduction of the idol that was here First of all is a group that call them self NoRNiR. Two of the member that is here Tsurumaki Seina Ebihara Airi  Both of them is really cute.
Then there is this another new unit of idol call powerful musume which form quite recently that i so happens to follow because of that famous photographer hibiki trying to promote. They are cute so naturally when there is photo/video about them in the web i would click on it and watch. Then the chance of getting good interaction with them is really high. That is from my personal experience. I go out topic a lot it seems still i would keep those information there. Back to powerful musume. The third guest that attended this event is one of the member from powerful musume and her name is Hoshikawa Yume.  If one really interested on knowing more on the idol. Feel free to follow them on facebook and twitter. It’s a photo shooting session but i will post none of the picture for now. Seems like this kind of photo shooting session is not so uncommon in japan. It is not uncommon in Japan it seems. The whole thing was done professionally from my point of view. Every cameramen has 1 minute for them to interact with the idol and take pictures. After the one minute time then you can queue up for another idol and take more picture. I am really shy when seeing such beautiful person in front of me all i do is just stand still take pressing camera shutter after the first round. If you are not then chances are you get to talk with the idol ask some none private or personal question simple and fun. The idol can change pose fast if you are not really particular on how you want them posing just press the shutter and wait a few second for adjustment then you can take another one since they are ready with another pose by that time. Was really surprise that they manage to fit in a mini stage event at the end. Yeah chance to see idol sing and dance in front of my eyes without going to japan. Overall i enjoy the whole experience and I would really love to give more support on this kind of event so that more people can get a taste of it. Just a small little contribution to the community.