kenjixx is my web identity since 2006. It all started with my character in maplesea and this nickname is based on school rumble’s main character harima kenji. My character in maplestory is xbowman/sniper and one of my most fond game character. I still login and play with him once in awhile. Since covid19 happened for the past year i been constantly playing maplestory got my character to level 245. -2021-03-16
Currently level 275 – 2023-07-07
kenjixx is also my lowyat forum nickname which pass its 10 years anniversary registered since Oct 18 2006, 01:09 AM

Now some introduction about myself. I am a malaysian that is a huge japanese animation fans since young. Started from 2012 after attending to AFAMY. After that i been going to event all around my country and even around SEA region. From local events to event outside of my local area like penang anime matsuri to international events such as AFASG in singapore and also Tokyo Games Show in Japan.
I even volunteer myself for a few events held in kuala lumpur just to get and idea on how events works. Beside going to events i like to collecting stuff related to my hobbies.


For now my largest collection is music singles. Which most of it is Kurosaki Maon’s singles and albums (RIP Kurosaki Maon she will forever be my top oshi). While the rest of CDs in my collection is anime opening and ending singles. Other than that i also got a small number of Idol single in my collection and also some game soundtrack.


I suck at playing games and also lack of patient to finish off single player game. Yet i enjoy the fun times it brings me. The first gaming console that i own with my hard earned money is a Nintendo 3ds. Owning 3ds introduce me into a great community. My gaming collection has been growing ever since. For now what in my collection is my original ambassador 3ds, a New 3ds LL and also a gameboy micro. My favorite games series is Ace Attorney. Which i enjoy listening to the great soundtrack while reading the well written story throughout the series.
link to my original 3ds and 3ds game Gyakuten saiban 5 photo album.

Light novel and manga

Light novel is the first thing i ever collect and i can spend more time reading which worth all the money i spend. Started to buy light novel after finishing Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu’s animation. I found that i enjoy reading light novel more than watching anime. Some things are just better represent in my imagination than what the director shown in anime. Since there is plenty of good and interesting manga I only buy manga that i really like. Dungeon meshi is one of them.


Final portion of my spending goes to figure collecting. It’s the least i focus on and the notable mention in my figure collection is miyazano kaori from shigatsu kimi no uso. She is the reason i started to buy figures.

Japanese Idol

Ever since i discover Hibikipro Events from facebook i been attending events create by Hibiki and his team. I enjoy a lot after attending it the first time which is a photoshot session back in late 2015. I am overwhelm by the friendliness of japanese idol. There is no turning back after that as long as it is held locally i will just to attend for fun.

Information on some of my tech gears


·MSi E350-E45 | 2x TEAM Elite 4gb ddr3 ram |240gb SSD boot drive | Samsung 1TB spinpoint 1 TB HDD | 80gb seagate HDD scrap from my first desktop | Cooler Master Elite 360 casing bundle with a 400w power supply | Windows 10
·Envision G2261w 21.5 inch Full HD LCD Monitor
·Intel i7-8700 | 24gb ddr4 ram | 240gb ssd | GTX 1650
·Acer Aopen 24 inch monitor


First generation microsoft surface pro. Which has been send to warranty twice. First time there is a line of dead pixel and second time the monitor just die without any reason. The accessories that i have for my surface pro is a surface pro dock. 1st gen touch keyboard without backlight and second gen type keyboard with backlight. I hope one to get the keyboard with external power one day for the complete set if i manage to get one cheap. HP Mini 210 netbook that comes together with streamyx package last time. | Windows 10 /Puppy Linux| Upgraded ssd

Not having any laptop right now instead my latest toy is a raspberry pi 4b 8gb with 32gb microsd

External Drive
· 1 TB WD MyBook Essential
·  Qnap TS230 4TB Ironwolf – as of 2021-03-16


·TPLink TL-WDR4300 with custom openwrt firmware by http://aspiregemstone.blogspot.com/

I din really update my frequently but there is a frequent update available from him. Been using his build since my TP-Link WR1043ND era.

·Xiaomi AX3600

Information about my other gadget

Audio equipment
·    Pioneer X-CM51V-K Mini HIFI
·    Sansa ClipZip Rockbox 4gb
·    Fiio E11 amp (plan letting go since i got a better amp/dac combo)
·    Fiio E07K amp (broken – one of the channel no sound)
·    BRAINWAVZ B2 dual ba iem (recabled with silver plated copper cable by ziixtreme from forum.lowyat.net)

·    Panasonic GX1 Twin Lens kit
·    This is one of the latest gadget i got my hand on. Still in the process of learning.

Finally here is some link to my social network stuff
Google plus: https://plus.google.com/+kenjixxfattkiong/posts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kenjixx
last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/kenjixx
Lowyat.net Forum: https://forum.lowyat.net/user/kenjixx
Nintendo NNID for miiverse: kenjixx.my (japanese account)
Nintendo 3DS Friend code: 2320-6158-9928 (US) , 3496-9658-8590 (JP)
Email Address: email
Twitter: @kenjixx_my
MYMastodon: Mastodon

special thanks to Quazacolt for borrowing his format without confirming with him http://www.quazacolt.com/aboutcontact-me/