Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take on Me

Got a chance to watch this movie on local cinema thanks to Japan Walker Sea.
Enjoyed the first season a lot. It show that kyoani can do great original anime base on little general guideline.
Expanding what is already great to a higher level did not happen throughout the series tho.

The movie has totally predictable plot. It’s a not so great escape.
Stuff that a viewer like me would have want Kyoani delivers.
Yuta and Rikka’s relationship gone through little progress from the end of season 2 to the start of movie.
Decomori and Nibutani definately star of the movie.
Through out the movie their relationship improve much further.
Every side character which you expect to appear makes an appearance
Zaq new song for the movie is nice hope to listen to them more.
The travel scene is full of easter egg i suppose i felt like i spot something most of the time but can never be sure about it.

Overall i feel sad that this series is finally end. Not much substance after the initial first season.

9 Jun 2018 (Asia Comic Con Day 2) I Love Anisong Bangkok

Decide to take this trip on an impulse. It’s my second trip out of my country for the purpose of attending ILoveAniSong concert. The first one happen in 2012. The main purpose of my trip was to see Kurosaki Maon. Was really happy to have a chance to see her performance again. Within affordable price that is. Overall this time i am satisfied with my trip. Its a bit sad that i would need to give up on attending PAM this year. I can only do one event and i have decided to travel further this year for my love ! By the way feel extreamly blessful for given the chance to contribute to the flower stand for kurosaki maon. Thank you APK.

Language is my biggest issue throughout the whole trip. I have no knowledge of thai language and everyone default their speaking to thai whenever they approach me. I would end up saying sorry and then whatever they are trying to say at a high chance will end abruptly well others do willing to switch to english and keep the conversation going. Others approaching me rarely happens to me when i attend event on my own country it only happen more often during early days of my event going life. I am passive person myself i rarely approaching other I keep the thinking of not disturbing others unless i absolutely need to could be i scared of rejection no do no rejection. I don’t think i did any approaching anyone in this event other than like ask permission for a picture to be taken. Generally i had been shown lots of yasashiness.

Even with language barrier i still able to enjoy my time inside the event hall. This event is by far the best i had for sometime. The performance stage have something happen almost every time i am there. From idol group to dj. I would spend time seeing the performance and then walk around and see another different performance. The figurine display are all really nice and full of detail. The hall is spacious i never feel crowded at anytime even though the crowd is huge.

Cant find myself enjoying as much during the ILoveAnisong time at first. The person left to me is chill type he just want to chill and enjoys the concert that makes me feel awkward with my body moment might disturb him. While the person right to me move in front i try to move to the right and middle of the concert pat on my back happen again and ask me to move away because i am blocking his view. Luckily there is ample of empty sits to the right and i hold no desire to stay with in the gang as i am really out of place. With me move to left side i got a better view myself and can move like crazy without caring much and that is where i find back the enjoyment of going concert when i no need to be considered. The show opens with a local girl which i have no idea who she is. She sings digimon adventure theme in thai. Up next Kurosaki Maon came on stage. I made it again and i am so proud of my self for being there at that moment. Suzuki Konomi is the next artist on stage. I is full of sad because she never sing redo. Okay she is cute and she did sing no game no life song. Finally RANKA LEEEEEEE!!!!! NAKAJIMA MEGUMI she is the other reason i make my impulse move going bangkok. When she come back from hiatus with netojuu opening I am really happy when i started to know macross frontier that time she is in middle of stopping all singing related work. Now that she is back in business I hope will get to see her more often within our region. The whole concert end with Seikan Hikou. Was kinda hoping to get Niji iro kuma kuma but that never happen.

To find legit anime goods in Thai is really easy. That is something that seriously need to happen in malaysia soon immediately now. Please learn from Dream Express do proper licensing. Damn sad to compare malaysia event with Asia Comic Con Bangkok where all of the malaysia event i went all plague with bootleg. It’s unacceptable to see even one shop that is not selling legit stuff. No money don’t buy no point buying fake stuff. I do not buy anime related stuff often i cannot afford to buy and i choose not to buy affordable fake stuff it is not worth it. Seeing light novels and manga in local language is a hope now that kadokawa has present in malaysia through kadokawa gempak stars.

Some thought about Asia Comic Con Bangkok and the other event that i enjoy attending. First off Visual Arts eXpo which i feel sincerity of making a event that mix local taste with Japan flavor. For ACC it is the mature form of that. Can’t make up my mind to decide weather it is matured or final form but it basically is local mix japanese culture fusion. For an outsider its really hard to geddit. For people that gedding it its really fun entertaining and wholesome. On one of the stage performance there is Owarai/Manzai. One of the gag feature tongue twisters totally in thai which i have no idea what it is. The crowd response well through out the performance well. That kind of acceptance is what i been seeking. Like minded people do stuff that entertain each others in a way there is progress among themselves. Visual Arts eXpo and it’s brother sister events has same stage. The event usually host with an experience emcee that can related to us event goers talk staff we care about and also taking care of new generation of emcee so the event can growth indefinitely. No holding hand like what Penang Anime Matsuri like does. PAM felt SOZO babysittering the stage events too much. With the emcee that is going out of sync with the audience. The first two year there is this male emcee which i found him send out lack of interest beam to audience and not bridging us event attendee and the person on stage and talked a lot about Singapore joke which i can’t see or even feel the audience entertain slightly and last year they switch to a female emcee which i respect her translating power which is on point and seriousness on getting her job done is one way a good direction. A different direction that is.
[telaalbums album=”Asia Comic Con Bangkok day 2″]

My Idol Party 2018

It’s been a long while since the last idol event I attend. At the same time long time never did any blog post. Been shifting priorities well life goes on. So there is this event My Idol Party 2018 which happen on 13 of may there is also a pre-concert fan meeting on the 12 of may . I never been so interested to do any write this much before. A lot happened in this 2 days good bad and everything in between.

To be honest I am still barely know Luce Twinkle Wink after all these years but then I’m still attracted to going to concert is something I really enjoy and looking forward to. Especially this time you get 4 idol group 4 times the fun.

Fun stuff
Day zero fans event
It’s held on a cafe. I had my very first taste of this offkai thingy. Basically all fans just chill out in a nice environment and all the member of the group will move around and interact with us. In between the event there is janken competition finally end with the compulsory cheki session. I almost miss the chance to attend for not gather up courage to stay at the event hall and ask. I just walk pass look around and walk pass and look around until finally saw someone I know. I was beat up by the coolness of this guy and just walk pass the even place again. After a few more round of passing by I finally saw someone else that I am comfortable to talk with and manage to secure the final sit for the event.

Through the interaction with every member I get to learn more about them even if I am just listening most of the time. I barely able speak with other well using the language that i have complete fluency i just cant speak unless i am really trying most of the time is not the right place for you to try not while the next person is right behind you waiting. Even if i am not having a conversation there is others that did the talking and keep the conversation on going. I on the other hand enjoy that also probably pick up a skill or two on how to/what to do. There is a mini stage event after the private fan event. Just a short one with some QnA. Saki’s dinosaur act 10/10 nuff said. Overall is a great experience for me and great warm up for the main event the next day.

Day 1 My Idol Party
Things does not went well on the day it self but manage to turn out just right in the end of the day. Reach around 930 waiting for the entrance to open at 10. Nothing happened at 10 am so everyone just wait there patiently. It was until 1030am only ticket counter opened. After awhile ticket counter disappeared. At the point of the time i should have notice that things isn’t right yet i did not notice. We waited for some time only then got the first news which is event will be delay for sometime. In the end Idol Party My never happen. All we get is all group high touch after that buppan and cheki sessions. Hang around on the event hall for sometime seeing everyone leaving the event space one by one i myself also leaving half full plenty of empty.

nom nom

Just when i am about to reach home there is this tweet come to save my sorry day. Take an U-turn immediately. When i reach everyone was there already. There is seafood plate and mixed plate and more interaction time with all Luce member again. It is from this event i notice that the person i hold against actually has yasashi ness male tsundere it seems. When other have trouble expressing himself in japanese this guy gently helps.. the little thing that give you away. This round of offkai also i manage to crack my own mouth and uttered sentence instead of words.

Not so fun stuff
In no particular order all this happen in this two day
1. Doesn’t see the whole picture still rush without properly thinking
2. Cause inconvenience to others because of my blindness
3. Blank out then afraid for not good reason whatsoever
4. Running away from interaction so ashamed of myself when one of the group member tries to talk to me and i obviously not trying my best to reply and it ends awkwardly.
5. Heard one person complain about the other person about stuff that trigger him. I did some of the mistake also. His words hit me and keeping that in mind I have a sense of not doing it anymore
6. Saw a few person get a sign t-shirt. At that moment I’m full of jelly. Now it turns into motivation to earn it as a recognition as the result of real effort has been done. For the moment her appreciation after the live from last event is the best gift i get. I still remember the joy when she paying attention on my down the stage. Was really looking for the concert this time too for this reason.

That’s it for now. Until the next blog this is me signing off.

Custom firmware for router

I always want to have the best tech with as money as possible. Being cheapskate will end you up in dissatisfaction most of the time which hard to complain since you are the one that choose to be in this position in the beginning. Story about my journey on using 3rd party firmware on my router isn’t smooth sailing all the way.

My first router TPLINK TL WR1043ND does not support the local internet service provider natively. Yet i still decided to get this router
– the cheap price and pack a lot of goodness with that price.
– default router that comes together with my internet package is sucks.
– It hangs whenever it feels like it and even if i restart the router it can stuck during boot up.
– the WiFi coverage is low on default router.

I know well that after getting this router i will need break its warranty just to make it work for my internet. Before getting myself into this changing router firmware thingy i have no idea at all will this improve my internet experience i can only trust the online review which in the end really helps me a lot.

Right now i been using custom firmware for some years. Custom firmware unlock your cheapo router to more function as well as improving router performance at the same time. The steps needed to install 3rd party router firmware is easy. It is so easy that one might actually look down on following proper steps when doing the steps. Any mistake during the process will have the chance of breaking your router. Once your router is break then the process of bringing back dead router to life is hard and close to none if you do not have the skill if you do have the skills you probably would not reading this you knowledge on this would probably higher than me. I break my router more than once and actually never been able to fix it once and have to resort to buying another replacement.

Fantasy Life(ファンタジーライフ)

Have you ever think of living a fantastical world where you can enjoy the challenge of being what you wanna be and having adventure all the time? Well fantasy life offers all of it.

Development Info

Fantasy life is developed by Level5 together with Nintendo’s first party developer Brownie Brown(now known as 1-UP Studio, Inc.). Level5 is famous for Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven series. 1-UP Studio, Inc. is the developer for mother 3.

Development History

The development period for Fantasy life is really long. LEVEL5 VISION 2009 is where the game first announced and it was meant to be released for NDS. One year after that in LEVEL5 VISION 2010 it was been push to be released at Nintendo 3DS to utilized the 3D function.In the early development we can see that the game look closely resemble to mother with its 2D graphics and people has been really excited about it.

In 2010 we get this awesome trailer this is truly one masterpiece in production the game has been upgrade to have 3D modeling. At this time it was announced to be released at 2011

and continue we have been waiting in 2011 we get a update trailer and we get the news that it will be released at 2012

It takes a very long time and finally in December 27 2012 it was finally been released.

The playable character in game has been chopped from the original 20 playable job to 12 playable job.

Game play

The 12 playable character is

Army,Magician,Hunter,Mercenary,wood cutter,minor,fisherman,carpenter,sewer,blacksmith,cook,alchemist.

Each of the job has their own specialties and you will rely on those skill to survived. Player can mixed and match between job and get the most advantage for each job.

A minor complain about the game… Well each job is suppose to be different but in the end most of the living skill job just end up as the same button masher.


Composer for the soundtrack is Nubuo Uematsu. It fits the game well and it is one of the reason i enjoy the game and sink in over 100 hours of gameplay.

Future announcement

Level5 has announced that Fantasy life has becoming a series. We can be sure that there will be lots of game in future. There is also a second announcement that a large update will be coming in future WIFI play will be one unlock with that update not release date as yet.

Screen Shot
End of first part. This is written before fantasy life link expansion. Second part is written in september 2017

Fantasy life Link
All country except japan gets this version of the game. This is the first large expansion to the game. Mint fantasy life player would need to pay of the expansion iinm the expansion cost 2000 yen to purchase. Mint fantasy life would still get an update to add on some feature but you will miss out the whole new storyline included in the expansion. There is also a stand alone version for the game selling at full price. Which is still cheaper than getting fantasy life and buy the expansion. Fantasy life link feature a few in game balancing and more end game content has been added in. At the same time also add in paid dlc this is only true for Japanese release as far as i know.

Fantasy life 2/Fantasy life online
This is the sequel to fantasy life. Which is a japanese exclusive that has been going through developement hell and suppose to be launch in 2017 is being delayed indefinately. The game is no longer on nintendo platform instead will be available for android and ios device. Game title has been changed from Fantasy life 2 to Fantasy life online. All 12 playable job from the first game is back.
fantasy life online

Toshintoshi: Girls Gift

It’s been awhile since the last rpg that i play. There is a few rpg title that is available all this time but I did not end up with any of those game. But why Toshintoshi? The reason i getting Toshintoshi would be the first print gift and also I wanted to at least get one game per month. That’s what i plan in the beginning in reality i just can’t spend more money this hobby.

I never imagine myself to be playing more than half an hour. One of the reason is I really lack of focus and also not being able to fully understand japanese is another reason. At the same time for me i would really want to complete a game to 100% when i am playing it. Tricky stuff inside game would make me scratch my head and throw it a side. There is just too many strategy involving in the game.

Story wise the game is easy enough to understand. Player as the silent protagonist that need to win the tournament in order to married with the girl and inherit her family dojo. There is plenty of side quest to discover, each of the side quest unlock a new skill you can use. The end objective is to unlock sexy pictures of every girl available from the game.

Soundtrack is something that i rarely heard in classic game setting. There is not awkward feeling listen to the soundtrack.

Level grinding is not necessary. The game is simple enough that i think is possible to finish up with level 10. As long as you have good enough girl monster card nothing can stop you from ownage.

I end up really enjoy the story well still not enough to make me finish the game but i enjoy what i seen so far. Would pick it up again in future i hope.

Visual Arts eXpo 2017

Year three for one of the most unique experience event here in malaysia. Its a rare scene here in malaysia where you can freely talk about the stuff of your interest to a broad audience share your interest debate the shit out of topics that usually only happen behind the internet. You can meet people from the anime industry ask them question, get people from the industry to review your portfolio, cosplay crossplay sing linkin park song since it is this years thing now basically most or anything that you can think about expressing yourself you can do it here.

I am glad that VAX actually feels the same like last years in most way and making some minor improvement. For me getting a consistent event is better than doing drastical changes for improvement sake. The price is the same the perk you get is the same the feel of the event is also more or less the same everything just close to what i want. Which is money well spend for me already and i am glad to spend more.

Like the first year this year i manage to spend my time listening to some interesting SIP(special interest panel). Lots of talented people that is willing to share their experience on subject that may get your interest. It’s really cool to see local and singapore stage performers share out interesting tidbits from their personal experience. There is also one panel did by cosplayer and event organiser which i find it very cool and interesting that they really cares about the community not just self interest. The final SIP that i was lucky to sit down and listen to is about seichi junrei for Lord of the ring a trip to new zealand. Eventhough i cant think of any question to properly interact with the host of any of the panel i still do enjoy listen to them and know more about stuff that closely related to my hobby.

Stage event itself is still awesome as always the chemistry between both host is really good. For one thing the audience is actually much more closer to the stage compare to previous years. You can now really get up close and experience it yourself. Being able to see studio trigger’s mr. kazuya masumoto giving out talks about how a short kill la kill clip being produce what’s the step by step process and how much human resource needed to achieve it is mindblowing just like an episode of kill la kill itself. Studio Mappa on the other hand bringing 2 of their staff over to the event. They share about the process of character and other detail creation for the anime Yuri on Ice. Most of the accessories and stage item is really based of real life example with the director wanted to emphasize on the lewdness of those item more.

Cosplay Cure is one of the returning guest from last year. This time we not only get a cat walk show during the event we also get another awesome skits performance during closing ceremony. I was really impress by the cosplayer where they really show that they are in the character when in stage. When there is a stage error during naruto boruto skits the action of boruto cosplayer telling the event organisor they use the wrong track perfectly shown that once they are on stage they are now that character they cosplaying and not themself which is wow. A little something that local cosplayer could actually learn themself. Cosplay that character be in that character and now you if you are going to appear on stage is more entertaining to see that character than to see the a pretty face on stage that do no represent the character than he/she cosplaying.

Kaoru from Harmonia ACG and AiRI from japan perform on the closing ceremony for VAX. Barely known any of the nostalgia anisong perform by kaoru luckily near the end just like USAGI from PAM she performed nandemo nai ya and also god knows wow i am a happy man. Also barely known AiRI that comes for japan. Only know her for the taritari opening theme. Had lots of fun seeing her performance well never thought of in one day we will get a Visual Novel song artist to come over before this. Thanks VAX for making events great again.

One of the perk of getting gold pass is at near the end of day two where the closing ceremony there is a special confined area for people that has a gold pass which i think is a really good concept. Just like usual i am standing at the last row my usual spot where i can do movement more freely and let other people that never experience it get in front. I was poked by 2 random people which is behind the confined area asking me to move a way so that they can see better. I don’t mind moving away actually since i already is at the behind but dude its not my fault for every bad thing happen to you please do not be salty for the unfair treatment happen to you next time please spend more if you want to have the best experience with your girl being salty does not help. Other people like me also wanted to experience the great event and willing to fork out more hard earn money to enjoy myself and get most out of my spending. Well being me I keep all this to myself and just move out in the end.. why now doing stuff that i wanted to do also being wrong i really do not know.

Penang Anime Matsuri 2017 Summer Wonderland

It is now the third year for this lovely event in Penang. By now Penang Anime Matsuri has becoming one of my favourite events in Malaysia. Penang Anime Matsuri(PAM) has been consistently bringing improvement to the working formula. PAM is not without its flaws and i will get to it in detail later.

Ticketing increase yet again for this year it is up from RM180 to RM220 for 2 days pass with a sign poster as perk. That poster is what they give out to every concert ticket holder last year. Single day people gets no perk this year. All this is minus the default stuff that comes automatically when buying the ticket. Such a reducing in returns we gain a better environment that is up for debate. The event location has been switch from DEWAN SRI PINANG & ESPLANADE PARK to Penang Spice Arena. PAM this year is fully indoor event now compare to last time where the concert will be held at outdoor. For me to be able to party at outdoor feels more summer party. I know having a concert outdoor has too many uncertainty to make it work nicely. Still an indoor is definitely welcoming because gone are the days where we waiting under rain.

The amount of booth available has been reduce back to year 1 range with everything cramps into one big area. This year event hall is separated into 4 part. Doujin booth, high profile sponsor booth, food booth and finally stage takes up a good amount of the event hall. There is only 1 row for doujin booth and the rest is all larger booth. High profile sponsor booth is covering most ground in the event hall. Finally a single row is designated for food and chairs for event goer to enjoy their food.

Another person take up the role as MC hosting stage event this year. Why cant there be 2 MC a lot of the problem happen during stage event doesn’t even need to happen at all. Can’t comment on the interaction between attendee and guest artist wasn’t at stage during any of the workshop stage event due to the stage is rather pack and close to exit where everyone will move over there. Not a well plan exit heck even the event floor plan doesn’t show the exit.

pam2017 floor plan

So i am gonna nitpick on other things. There is this one moment where one of the guest being not comfortable speaking english and ask whether can speak in chinese or not the MC suddenly let out a NO in fierce tone. Yeah she might be joking at that moment but that respond really give a bad taste in my mouth. She did a ok job in translating but still not a great MC to be honest. Yes her japanese is great since she is a japanese but the problem is i felt that she did not do enough homework and the fun factor is gone. To be fair the last Male MC crack stuff targeted to Anime Festival Asia goers at least the fun factor is there when he is the MC this year its not there. Well since this is a local event demanding more of a local blood in the event shouldn’t be too much right.

Anisong artist that is here this year is May’n, nano, Kradness, DJ Kazu and KZ(livetune). It is Penang Anime Matsuri first time getting live band performance. Both May’n and nano comes together with thier own band. Being able to listen to live band song performance is satisfying. May’n really shine so bright. Nano also very entertaining wow after attending her concert i find that i can really enjoy male-ish jrock songs of her. Almost forget to mention USAGI the concert stage warmer for day 2. Well she is there. Cute and full of enthusiasm not a bad start for day 2 concert i like that she sing kimi no nawa – nandemo nai ya

That’s it for now. Will be back later the month with another blog post for the other one of my favorite events in malaysia.

Iori Nomizu seiyu event 2016

This weekend 29&30 of October 2016 I am blessed to have chance attending Iori Nomizu’s seiyuu event organize by KADOKAWA Contents Academy in conjunction with the opening of the new Isetan the Japan Store at lot10 malaysia. Always wanted to see bakemono erm i mean seiyu in action. I attended the final session of the event. As we all know seiyu can do what normal people thought was impossible such as voice over a few characters at the same time and also giving out amazing voice over that is different from his/her usual tonme and that is really true now that i confirm it myself with my own eyes. It really gives me goosebumps. On contrary to what the mc says during the event the last time there is a seiyu in a event at malaysia does not goes back to gacc years ago but actually in culture japan convention where asakawa yuu was here and that is a bit more recently. That to say chance like this is still extremely rare and far apart do go and attend when there is one happening you will never know once you miss it the next time will be at when.

group photo link to more picture of the event itself.

I am really amaze by the fact that Iori Nomizu actually staying the same all these years if you check back the videos when she started to voice Nymph and you compare to her now. I hope now you believe thousand years old loli vampire does exist. Can i carry her home i promise i would take good care of her as long as she make more yandere choco for me.

If you have watch Shirobako & Sore ga seiyu you actually has the basic idea of what this event showcasing. From the selection of seiyu to how is it like inside the recording studio whether it’s a anime production where there is a large amount of seiyu in the recording studio or a game recording where there is only one seiyu inside the recording studio doing voice over. Few of the lucky participant got the chance to do voice over for a short scene with Iori Nomizu. After that a short tongue twister training where the mc tries his best to finish reading Jugemu(寿限無 wikipedia page) and fails badly and then Iori Nomizu did it properly with style. Then finally the meat of the event where we get our wild imagination satisfied(under the term and condition la)with requesting time. We get to see Iori Nomizu did the impression of loli shota tsundere yandere dere dere all of it. So much fun and fanboy moment.

The one and a half hour pass by so fast when we are all getting started is already at the end of the event. We gather up for a group photo and an autograph session and that’s it. Overall its a really fun event please keep it coming and i am all ready to throw my wallet at screen whenever there is another similar event happening soon and i hope that Iori Nomizu will come backs for her live as she says here.

That’s it for now #majulahseiyuuntuknegara hope i could use this hashtag more often with more seiyu event happen in the future just like #majulahidoluntuknegara.

GamePlan 2016

As a rules follower no picture was taken at any time of the event so this is another post with just wall of text talking random stuff and self satisfaction about Gameplan2016 at taruc. It’s an Idol and Gaming combination event. My main focus this time is on the idol part because that’s the main reason i attend Gameplan other than to visit my lovely tarc. Hibikipro is bringing in Stella☆Beats and Luce Twinkle Wink☆ two units that is under Arc Jewel to this year Gameplan .

Shameless confession time… This only song i know before attending the event is 1st love story by Luce Twinkle Wink☆ for the anime “And you thought there is never a girl online?” Fail attendee is fail. Now i do know more of their songs my favorite song is dunno the title but it start of with Luce Twinkle Wink and the tower song you are a star and kinda get myself an oshimen. Saki chan super cute… it’s all started with a random color cloth i purchase my jaw drop when i heard the price for specific member shirt. Now that i had all of their singles time to fully listen and enjoy their songs and hopefully become a better fans than i am now. Now on to Stella☆Beats i got nothing without actually googling if i wanna talk about them i rather i myself got at least a little bit knowledge about them before i start talking.

Although Gameplan is a much larger than the other two idol events that i been. The flow is still basically the same there is a omake session and a concert session. Because of the larger crowd seeing fans going all out during the concert is a magnificent scene. Without much idea of the song for both unit i kinda blank out here and there during the concert time. When i am not blank out i do really enjoy being in a concert if not i would not have make my ticket purchase.

To be honest i actually enjoyed more the event host mainly by Hibiki himself not to say this event is not good far from that. Main reason for that is because i am blaming myself for not really doing homework after attending idol multiple time if i am gonna keep attending then basically i should have at least transit into next phase. All throughout the event my mind is occupied by self blaming for being 中途半端 and why am i spending money for something that i seriously barely know..Other than that on a slightly lower degree of influence to my satisfaction level being low is the feel of going contractless idol(not sure the proper way to say this) and proper idol unit has a slight different. This slight different do influence my level of enjoyment. Why am i still attending if i din really into this. Mainly to support this type of event to make sure there is a future i don’t wanna see all this unique experience disappear just like that. That’s why even my money disappear faster than eye blinking i would still do it and do it and do it for the future of Japanese Culture in Malaysia. I do like Idols so all the goodies i get is and will be taken good care of.

I’m glad that i gather up courage to talk to Roan and through that know bunch of really cool people by knowing i mean become less awkward but still awkward kinda knowing. Thanks for that little push my new friend during the concert that make Saki Chan notice me. The journey to become a proper fan is still far away for me. I can only do for so much and so much is never enough.

This is it for now until the next event #majulahidoluntuknegara