Author: kenjixx

  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take on Me

    Got a chance to watch this movie on local cinema thanks to Japan Walker Sea. Enjoyed the first season a lot. It show that kyoani can do great original anime base on little general guideline. Expanding what is already great to a higher level did not happen throughout the series tho. The movie has totally […]

  • 9 Jun 2018 (Asia Comic Con Day 2) I Love Anisong Bangkok

    Decide to take this trip on an impulse. It’s my second trip out of my country for the purpose of attending ILoveAniSong concert. The first one happen in 2012. The main purpose of my trip was to see Kurosaki Maon. Was really happy to have a chance to see her performance again. Within affordable price […]

  • My Idol Party 2018

    It’s been a long while since the last idol event I attend. At the same time long time never did any blog post. Been shifting priorities well life goes on. So there is this event My Idol Party 2018 which happen on 13 of may there is also a pre-concert fan meeting on the 12 […]

  • Custom firmware for router

    I always want to have the best tech with as money as possible. Being cheapskate will end you up in dissatisfaction most of the time which hard to complain since you are the one that choose to be in this position in the beginning. Story about my journey on using 3rd party firmware on my […]

  • Fantasy Life(ファンタジーライフ)

    Have you ever think of living a fantastical world where you can enjoy the challenge of being what you wanna be and having adventure all the time? Well fantasy life offers all of it. Development Info Fantasy life is developed by Level5 together with Nintendo’s first party developer Brownie Brown(now known as 1-UP Studio, Inc.). […]

  • Toshintoshi: Girls Gift

    It’s been awhile since the last rpg that i play. There is a few rpg title that is available all this time but I did not end up with any of those game. But why Toshintoshi? The reason i getting Toshintoshi would be the first print gift and also I wanted to at least get […]

  • Visual Arts eXpo 2017

    Year three for one of the most unique experience event here in malaysia. Its a rare scene here in malaysia where you can freely talk about the stuff of your interest to a broad audience share your interest debate the shit out of topics that usually only happen behind the internet. You can meet people […]

  • Penang Anime Matsuri 2017 Summer Wonderland

    It is now the third year for this lovely event in Penang. By now Penang Anime Matsuri has becoming one of my favourite events in Malaysia. Penang Anime Matsuri(PAM) has been consistently bringing improvement to the working formula. PAM is not without its flaws and i will get to it in detail later. Ticketing increase […]

  • Iori Nomizu seiyu event 2016

    This weekend 29&30 of October 2016 I am blessed to have chance attending Iori Nomizu’s seiyuu event organize by KADOKAWA Contents Academy in conjunction with the opening of the new Isetan the Japan Store at lot10 malaysia. Always wanted to see bakemono erm i mean seiyu in action. I attended the final session of the […]

  • GamePlan 2016

    As a rules follower no picture was taken at any time of the event so this is another post with just wall of text talking random stuff and self satisfaction about Gameplan2016 at taruc. It’s an Idol and Gaming combination event. My main focus this time is on the idol part because that’s the main […]